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To Organise Your Activities

Organise Me Group was created to simplify the way you search for, manage and stay up to date with the activities you & your children undertake. With the juggles of day to day life, OMG Pro will help you to stay up to date with your daily activity schedule.


Download the app from the App Store or Google Play and install on your device of choice.


Setup a profile for one or multiple people within the app including personalised information.


Search for activities for each of your profile members based on their specific information and your location.

created to

Simplify life.

Organise Me Group was creatored by me, Sarah Jane. A Busy Parent trying to juggle the day to day running of a home as well as trying to work and find activities for my children to participate in. Searching was time consuming and in many cases ineffective.

a common problem

Through my search and communications with other parents, it was clear that finding activities within our local community was a chore and created unnecessary stress. The hardest part was trying to cater for the whole family’s needs. This is where the concept and idea of OMG Pro was developed.

phone calls from parents asking “What’s sports can they play at this age?”
“How do I organise a Summer Soccer team?” Or “Can my daughter be in your team?”

This is where it dawned on me that finding activities for our children isn’t as easy as it should be. Information wasn’t readily available and driving past banners on the side of the road were the only information to inform us what’s on.

As a parent of three children, all with different interest, I needed something to make life simple and easy.


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OMG Pro - Organise your child's activities easily

created with

Passion & dedication for organisation

OMG Pro has been my baby for the past 2.5 years. I developed, workshopped, designed and built an App that will store, inform and organise the activities our children do as well as the activities us adults choose to do too.

I hope that OMG Pro will be the missing tool in your life.

Thank you to all my family, friends and my team who have helped me in being able to create this app for the everyday person.


designed with

Businesses in mind.

OMG Pro was not only designed to save time & money for individuals, it was created to simplify the promotion of businesses providing activities too.

Make it easy for people to find your business by listing it through the OMG Pro app. Whether you provide a sporting activity, health service or individual lessons, we can help your local residents find you.

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About OMG Pro

  • Be Pure PILATES and Barre Studio can't wait for this amazing app, OMG PRO to come out and be able to help the community with all their health, wellness, fitness and sporting needs! Let's share the love and reach more people across Sydney so everyone benefits!

    Larisa Gerrard Be Pure PILATES and Barre Studio
  • Nutrition Inside Out is really excited to help the OMG PRO community with all their health and wellness goals. Can’t wait to be apart of this amazing app that will help reach more people and help more people live a happier and healthier life.

    Kylie Dowling Nutrition Inside Out
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